Other opportunities

Experience in research activities external to SAFS broadens our student’s education by allowing them to apply their learning to different situations, strengthens their resumes and provides an opportunity to interact with potential employers.

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Many of our students serve as interns or complete research in local, regional or national agencies and organizations. Find links to some of these programs at the bottom of this page.

Earning degree credits

You may be eligible to register for Internship or Independent Research if a faculty sponsor supports these activities. Faculty support is more likely if the activities are sufficiently linked to SAFS educational goals. Discuss your credit options with the SAFS adviser as soon as you have been offered an opportunity. The process for registering for credits is the same as those described in SAFS Opportunities.

Finding external opportunities

The SAFS adviser will inform students of opportunities via email as they become available. The Undergraduate Research Program office at the UW also lists additional opportunities. Finally, approach faculty in related departments, as well as scientists, advisers and graduate students, and discuss opportunities with them.

Balancing external work with educational goals

We strongly encourage you to complete your foundational and core courses in your first two years, so that you have the flexibility to participate in research opportunities as they arise.

Consult the undergraduate adviser about the effect of taking a quarter or more away from school on your overall degree progress, and keep in mind that several interesting oportunities are likely to arise during your undergraduate degree.

Examples of established research programs

Listings on this page are not endorsements of specific programs listed. Please exercise due diligence.