Laboratory Safety in SAFS

Staying safe in the laboratory spaces of SAFS is one of our top priorities. Please make sure the lab you are working in has all personnel properly trained in the techniques and practices relevant for your research.

General EH&S Links

The following are relevant for laboratories using chemicals

MyChem - MyChem is the UW's online chemical inventory system. Any room that houses chemicals is required to have an entry in the MyChem system. Someone in your lab is already in charge of maintaining chemical inventoires in your lab space. If you bring in new chemicals, make that person aware so they can update the system. If you need help with transferring ownership of MyChem records or need MyChem training, please contact the SAFS Laboratory Coordinator or the SAFS front desk.

Laboratory Safety Manual - All labs are required to have easy access to a laboratory safety manual. With the February 2007 version, it is no longer required to have a hard copy available in your lab. To replace this, you must have a computer in the lab with the lab safety manual .pdf on the desktop for easy access. You can request print versions for a fee.

Hazardous Waste Labels must be affixed to all containers used to accumulate hazardous waste, and any other chemical waste that EH&S will be coming to remove from your lab space. Follow the directions on the link on how to fill out the labels. Also note free pickup areas for labels and how to print up your own.

Waste Collection Request. This form must be filled out and faxed or mailed to EH&S to collect waste. Allow two to four weeks for collection. Labs are required to keep records of collection requests for one year.

Standard Operating Procedure for Chemicals MS Word form. Use this form to indicate how chemicals are used in your lab, and procedures for use, PPE, and proper disposal. All hazardous chemicals must be incorporated into an SOP for your lab to be in compliance.

There are many other forms available on the EH&S website. Scan the list to see which others may be applicable to your needs.

Training Specific for Working in Labs

Please note on the training pages when the next training sessions are offered, and register when applicable.

Managing Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace. This training course is required for anyone handling or otherwise working in a space or with the potential for exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Shipping and Transporting Hazardous Materials. Training specific for those who ship hazardous materials. Hazardous materials include substances such as dry ice or ethanol.

Compressed Gas Safety. Got compressed gas cylinders in your lab? You should take this training.

Laboratory Safety Standard Compliance. This training is for supervisors, PIs, and others responsible for laboratory safety compliance. It covers how to comply with the requirements of the standard, how to complete the Chemical Hygiene Plan (found in the UW Laboratory Safety Manual), Hazardous Communication for laboratory workers, and conducting and keeping records of staff training.

Training Applicable for Everyone

General Asbestos Awareness. This is required training for all UW personnel (UWNetID required). If you can't log into the link above, try from the main online training page.

Fire Extinguisher Training. For anyone who may be called upon to use a fire extinguisher in the case of an emergency. You never know when the toaster oven will start smoking!

There are many safety topics that aren't covered in this page, including radiation safety and bloodborne pathogens. If you have any questions about the procedures listed above or any other safety issues, contact EH&S or the SAFS Laboratory Coordinator

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