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UW Aquatic & Fishery Sciences Publications

This page provides links to (1) searchable publication databases, (2) portable document files (pdf; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), and (3) information about archival holdings.

Publication Citation Lists & Technical Report PDFs

Over 3,000 citations are listed in this resource. The citations are grouped into discrete files by publication type. If you have any questions, please contact Marcus Duke,


Technical Reports & Publications


A comprehensive listing of thesis and dissertation titles, starting from 1922, and including sort and search functions, is available: Degrees.

Obtaining Copies of Publications

PDF copies of the SAFS publications can be obtained on request from the authors. Photocopies of older publications listed in our webpages may be obtained by contacting the UW Libraries Interlibrary Loan Division,


The principal resource of the UW Aquatic & Fishery Sciences Archives, located in room 217A-B Fishery Sciences, is the publications collection (1920s–present), for which many titles are listed in the databases referenced above. Access to archival holdings is limited to school members or by prior permission. Photocopies of many publications in the archives can be obtained through UWorld Express, Where applicable, copies of unique holdings may be obtained, and appointments to examine archival records can be made, by contacting the Marcus Duke,, 206-543-4678.

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