Select Publications

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  • Hale, J.R., Bouma J.V., Vadopalas B., and C.S. Friedman. 2012. Evaluation of passive integrated transponders (PIT) for abalone: tag placement, retention, and effect on survival. Journal of Shellfish Research 31:789-794
  • Bouma, J.V., Rothaus, D.P., Straus, K.M, Vadopalas, B., and C.S. Friedman. 2012. Low juvenile pinto abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana kamtschatkana) abundance in the San Juan Archipelago, Washington State. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 141:76-83.
  • Vadopalas, B, TW Pietsch, CS Friedman. 2010. The proper name for the Geoduck: resurrection of Panopea generosa Gould, 1850, from the synonymy of Panopea abrupta (Conrad, 1849) (Bivalvia: Myoida: Hiatellidae). Malacologia 52(1):169-173.
  • Camara, M.D. and B. Vadopalas. 2009. Genetic aspects of restoring Olympia oysters and other native bivalves: balancing good intentions, the need for action, and the risks of making things worse. Journal of Shellfish Research 28:121-145
  • Rothaus, D, B. Vadopalas, and C. Friedman. 2008. Precipitous declines in pinto abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana kamtschatkana) abundance in the San Juan Archipelago, Washington, USA, despite statewide fishery closure. Canadian Journal of Fishery and Aquatic Sciences 65:2703-2711
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  • Vadopalas, B. and J.P. Davis, 2004. Optimal chemical triploid induction in geoduck clams, Panopea abrupta, by 6-dimethylaminopurine. Aquaculture 230:29-40
  • Vadopalas, B. and P. Bentzen, 2000. Isolation and characterization of di- and tetranucleotide microsatellite loci in geoduck clams, Panopea abrupta. Molecular Ecology 9:1435-1436

My current research is focused on the interface between invertebrate aquaculture and the environment. I have a strong interest in the application of molecular tools to avoid adverse effects of shellfish aquaculture on ecosystems, and in applying knowledge gained from research to resource management problems. I am also interested in diagnosing and understanding the effects of large-scale natural and human-caused environmental changes on sentinel organisms in the marine environment.

My current research projects include:

  1. investigating local adaptation in the native Olympia oyster
  2. assessing potential genetic impacts of cultured geoduck clams on their wild counterparts
  3. developing sterilization techniques for cultured native shellfish
  4. developing breeding and broodstock rotation protocols for reintroductions

My research generally involves interdisciplinary approaches and I collaborate with diverse scientific specialists in academia, resource management agencies, and the shellfish industry.