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Current undergraduate and prospective graduate students may contact this person about availability as a faculty advisor.

My research focuses on the ecology and biogeography of freshwater ecosystems, in particular the conservation of native fish biodiversity in light of environmental change (predominantly dam fragmentation and river regulation) and invasions by non-indigenous species. This research is multi-faceted and draws upon a diverse array of disciplines including conservation biology, invasion biology, quantitative ecology, landscape ecology, biogeography, community ecology, hydrology and fisheries. Ongoing research is being conducted in Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Wisconsin, and in river systems of Australia. My research aims to integrate science-based approaches with “on-the-ground” management strategies in order to address pressing conservation questions. As a result, my research is highly collaborative with organizations such as the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources, and The Nature Conservancy (to name a few). I encourage you to check out my lab website for more details.