Don Gunderson

Don Gunderson

marine fisheries, stock assessment, recruitment processes

While still able to serve on student committees, this faculty member is not accepting advisees.

The research currently in progress by our group focuses on the direct assessment, population dynamics and management of marine fish stocks. Specific research projects include (1) recruitment processes in marine fish stocks, (2) surveys, population dynamics and management of rockfish and other groundfish , (3) the use of life history theory in marine fisheries management, and (4) The use of marine protected areas in fisheries conservation and management.

Select Publications

Gunderson, D. R. 2011. The Rockfish’s Warning. University Book Store Press. 211 p.

D.R. Gunderson, A. M. Parma, R. Hilborn, J. M. Cope, D. L. Fluharty, M. L. Miller, R. D. Vetter, S. S. Heppell, and H. G. Greene. 2008. The challenge of managing temperate reef resources. 2008. Fisheries 33:172-179.

Gunderson. D.R. and R.D. Vetter. 2006. Temperate Rocky Reef Fishes. Pages 69-117 in P.F. Sale and J.P. Kritzer (eds.), Marine Metapopulations. Academic Press.