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The School of Aquatic Fishery Sciences is located at 1122 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA 98105. Directions via the two major nearby highways follow:

From I-5

  1. Exit 45th St going east (turn left from I-5 southbound, right from I-5 northbound).
  2. Turn south (right) on 15th Ave, crossing Pacific
  3. Turn right on Boat St; go ~1-1/2 blocks; school is on right.

From SR 520

  1. Exit Montlake Blvd going north (turn left from 520 eastbound, right from 520 westbound).
  2. Get in left lane of Montlake; turn west (left) onto Pacific.
  3. Turn south (left) onto 15th Ave.
  4. Turn right on Boat St; go ~1-1/2 blocks; school is on right.

Campus Maps

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Limited pay parking is available off Boat St (Shoppers Lot, west end of Fishery Sciences, $7/day), as well as some metered street parking. There is a UW parking garage on Brooklyn Ave (just east of Fishery Sciences), and the daily rate is $11, but this lot often fills up early in the morning. For information about UW visitor parking, see For the Seattle METRO bus trip planning online system, see

The following website links and phone numbers provide further information on parking for employees and visitors:

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