Fish 513 Topics in Management, Conservation and Restoration:  
Bycatch:  Problems and Solutions
2 credits, C/NC

Instructor: Martin Hall – guest faculty member from the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission.
E-mail: • Phone 858-216-6332 • Room 202A FSH
Mondays, 2:30-4:20pm • FSH 107

Course Description

 Bycatch is an issue of growing interest in fisheries, and a focus of major conservation programs. Much effort is being used to estimate bycatches, and to raise awareness of its impacts. But little is done to deal with bycatch problems as a scientific challenge that can be addressed. The solutions are not simple, but several success stories have shown us some of the needed ingredients to produce them. I would like to share with the students some experiences dealing with bycatch issues in industrial and artisanal fisheries, from my own experience and from the guests that will join me during the classes. Preparing the students to design and implement programs including scientific and technical approaches, together with intelligent and innovative management will be one of the main goals.   

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